air-water heat pump for the production of domestic hot water, storage in a enamelled steel tank


DORA is the brand new range of heat pump water heaters with storage tank to generate domestic hot water, suitable for small residential applications.

It’s a smart heating solution for domestic water that employs electricity, air and if needed solar thermal and photovoltaic energy without resorting to traditional fuels.

Efficiency, an eco-friendly approach, flexibility and a new look are DORA‘s distinctive features, for which it stands out compared to a traditional electrical water heater.

  • Technical Data

    - Air heat pump and integrated storage tank for the production of domestic hot water

    - Active defrosting system to function correctly down to an air temperature of -7°C

    - Ecological gas R290 for mod. 90-120 and R134a for mod. 200-260

    - Possibility of ducting exhaust air

    - Hung (mod. 90-120) and floor-standing installation (mod. 200-260

    - Electrical heater fitted in (1500 W base - 1200 W wall hung)

    - Available operating modes: Eco, Auto, Boost, Electric, Fan

    - Wi-Fi board installed as standard and smartphone control via the “Dora Smart” App

    - Simple and intuitive touch control panel on board the machine

    - Enamelled steel water storage tank with 50 mm polyurethane insulation

    - Main aluminium heat exchanger outside of the tank

    - Set-up with solar coil (“LT-S” version).

    - Double anti-corrosion magnesium anode (mod. 200-260)

    - Programmable anti legionella cycle

    - Set-up (digital input) for activation with availability of photovoltaic energy

    - Set-up (digital input) for activation with preferential electricity tariffs

    - Set-up (digital input) for combination with solar thermal systems (“LT-S” models).

    - Integrated management of solar thermal system with forced circulation (“LT-S” models)

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Air-water heat pump for the production of domestic hot water, storage in a enamelled steel tank