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“Images and pictures here available for download are for free use only for subsidiaries of Lamborghini CaloreClima, and for companies controlled and connected to Lamborghini CaloreClima, anyway belongings to Ferroli Group. Any other use by third parties like for instance: distributors, resellers, service points, installers, professional customers or end customers, press officers or other customers or partners of Lamborghini CaloreClima shall be authorized in advance by requesting explicit permission to Lamborghini CaloreClima via mail at the address:

In the email there should be indicated the name of the person/company who is willing to use the images, and the framework in which the image will be shown. Whenever the image has to be displayed online, it is mandatory to specify the exact Domain/website/webpage.

These pictures are generally protected by copyright, so Ferroli SpA reserves the right to proceed against any misuse or non-authorized use, even by requesting to delete or shut down full web pages (e.g. in case of prejudices for reputation, use of the images or of the brands in a way which does not conform to corporate and brand design guidelines, or in a way whatsoever offensive for the reputation of Lamborghini CaloreClima brand or of the reputation of third parties, or in a way which may result in damage for public moral).”

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