The new range of heat pumps with R32 ecological refrigerant with low GWP, available in 10 models with power ratings from 4 to 16 kW, fully satisfies the winter and summer needs for air conditioning of residential and commercial systems of small and medium power.

The latest generation electronics directly manage two system zones, the integration with other energy sources (gas boiler, solar thermal/photovoltaic) and the cascade operation of up to 6 heat pumps simultaneously. Full DC Inverter technology and the use of single large fans place IDOLA M 32 among the most compact and silent products on the market today.

It is able to produce hot water up to 65°C and operate in one of the widest external temperature ranges in its category: from -25°C to +43°C. Finally, thanks to the special "IDOLA SMART" app for Android and iOS, it is also possible to remotely control the machine's functions for smart management of comfort.