Completely renewed compared to the previous series, ALHENA offers three new models of 24, 28 and 34 kW with instantaneous domestic hot water production. The new attractive design, with a three-part outer mantle, allows easy and quick access to the internal parts. The 24 kW and 28 kW models, with a depth of only 250 mm, are among the most compact available on the market and can be easily integrated into kitchen furniture or into built-in wall solutions. It is designed to fully meet the requirements of a "robust" product thanks, not only, to the single-pipe stainless steel exchanger that is best suited to operation in old systems.

The high smoke expulsion capacity with reduced diameters flue chimney pipes and the certified operation in pressurised collective flues make the new models particularly suitable for the replacement market.

Finally, by combining the remote control wi-fi CONNECT manageable by app iOS and Android you can control and program the boiler wherever you are !