Wall hung condensing boilers with instantaneous domestic hot water production


The new user interface with «capsense» technology, without mechanical keys and provided with 2.8’’ graphical display, allows the user to conveniently and simply interact with the product.

Thanks to the space heating energy efficiency ηs 94% among the highest in the category (Classe A ErP, scale from G to A++) and to the Connect remote control coupling, capable of reading the outdoor temperature directly from the Internet, it reaches system energy class A+ (scale from G to A+++). It easily adapts to the load conditions thanks to the broad modulating range that can reach 1:10 (1:10 mod. 34 C, 1:9 mod. 28 C, 1:7 mod 24 C).

Thanks to the “Hydrogen plug-in” system, one of its most important innovations, it is capable of self-adjusting to operate with natural gas and hydrogen mixtures, which will soon arrive in Europe, to counter global warming.

Designed to fully meet the requirements of a «robust» product under every point of view thanks to the high-pass primary heat exchanger which guarantees maximum efficiency and long-lasting reliability also, but not only, replacing old generators in particularly soiled installations.



  • Technical Data

    - Boiler with high thickness stainless steel primary heat exchanger, with large passes (the largest in the category) guaranteeing duration and reduced maintenance, it maintains high efficiency even on old systems with oxidation and soiling

    - A+ SYSTEM: being combined with the CONNECT modulating remote control, and the outdoor temperature reading directly from the internet, it reaches the maximum energy efficiency + (scale from G to A+++)

    - Class 6 NOx: already in compliance with the requirements of the ErP regulation of 26.09.2018 (NOx emissions < 56mg/kWh)

    - MC2: Multi Combustion Control, new combustion system with industrial-derived gas-adaptive patented technology for better adaptability of use to the varying gas network conditions (e.g. pressure fluctuations or drops)

    - M.G.R: Methane LPG Ready,  with a simple configuration the boiler can run on methane or LPG without using additional conversion kits

    - Exclusive exchanger-burner system with self-cooling door: it simplifies maintenance and lowers the cost thanks to a lower number of consumable parts

    - Instantaneous production of domestic hot water with a dedicated DHW plate exchanger

    - Hydraulic fittings covered by the boiler casing

    - Large multi-purpose backlit graphic display to set parameters easily and correctly

    - Bypass as per standard   

    - It easily adapts to the load conditions thanks to the broad modulating range that can reach 1:10 (1:10 mod. 34 C, 1:9 mod. 28 C, 1:7 mod 24 C).

    - Particularly suitable for operation in flues requiring “heavy duty” pipes thanks to approval for operation with 50mm diameter flue outlets

    - F.P.S: Flue gas Protection System. The flue gas check valve provided as per standard offers easy connection to pressurised collective flue systems (e.g. in restructuring), in accordance with regulation UNI 7129

    - Designed to simplify and make normal maintenance and cleaning steps easier

    - Solar system set-up: set up for the production of domestic hot water combined with solar panel systems

    - ECO function in DHW mode for more savings when hot water is not really used

    - Digital flame control with three ignition attempts if operation gets blocked due to failed flame detection (only in natural gas mode)

    - Place of installation: also outdoors, in a partially protected place down to -5°C as per standard and even -15°C with the addition of the optional antifreeze heaters kit

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