High power condensing thermal generator for large volume of water


- High power condensing thermal module with large water content, designed for single or cascade installations, in combination with a complete range of water, gas and flue gas accessories, up to 960 kW

- Hydraulic, gas and flue gas accessories for cascade installation, with 2 and 3 modules

- Flue gas pipe heat exchanger, made with AISI 316 L stainless steel, with vertical configuration, helical cross-section, set up perpendicularly to the flue gas chamber

- Full pre-mixing combustion unit with metal fibre front combustion burner with very low emissions (CLASS 6 according to EN 15502-1). The modules can run on Natural gas and LPG

- The combustion chamber has an extremely compact overall vertical dimension so that the exchange of water/flue gas can take place along the entire extension of the exchanger

- Generator protection systems: System double sensor (delivery and return) for operation at ∆T constant / Flue gas safety sensor / Water pressure switch with minimum threshold at 0.8 bar

- Air / Flue gas circuit with suction in the installation site and check valve integrated on the extraction unit to size the pressurised flue gas manifold

- Control panel protected by a door built into the casing with key lock

- Four heavy-duty floating wheels fitted as per standard to facilitate discharge and mobility inside the thermal power plant. Adjustable feet for positioning

- It reaches one of the highest seasonal space heating efficiencies in its category: ηs 94%

  • Technical Data

    - A+ SYSTEM: combined with the modulating remote control and the outdoor probe (optional) it reaches the top efficiency class A+ (scale from G to A+++)

    - The large volume of water of the generator allows the boiler to be connected to the system without the need for separating devices and allows for a very high design ∆t

    - Management of the modules in cascade set-up with self-configuring MASTER / SLAVE system

    - Setting of switching on and off of generators (which can be switched on and off in sequence or work simultaneously in parallel) through the control panel of the MASTER generator

    - Electronics on board the machine to manage a system with two direct zones and one DHW storage tank or systems with differentiated temperatures (direct and mixed) in combination with the FZ4 B temperature control unit

    - RANGE RATED certified generator to adjust the generated power to the system’s needs by increasing the efficiency of the system and preserving the mechanics of the machine

    - The modules can be controlled and operated remotely: Regulation of power or temperature with 0 - 10V signal / Signalling of block alarm for safety and restoration of operation / OPENTHERM (OT) and MODBUS parameterisable communication protocols

    - Electronic control of microprocessor combustion allows 1/5 modulation on the single generator and of the 1/15 for the maximum configuration (3 x 320 modules in cascade set-up)

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