Condensing heat generator with high power modulation, for outdoor use


High power condensing heat generator with a modulation range of up to 1/40. Designed for installation in a central heating plant or unprotected outdoors.

Heat exchange unit made up of a string of aluminium-silicon alloy elements designed to obtain maximum exchange efficiency and low pressure drops on the water circuit. Each element is complete with circulation unit and burner.  

The combustion units are of the complete premixing type, with a micro-flame burner with very low polluting emissions (Class 6 according to EN 15502-1). The generator can run on Methane gas or LPG

Generator protection systems: Double sensor (delivery and return) system for operation at constant ΔT / Flue gas safety sensor / Water pressure switch with minimum threshold at 0.8 bar

Hydraulic unit with three-way shut-off valve for discharge into the atmosphere on the return circuit and non-return valve on the delivery

Air / Flue gas circuit with suction at the installation site and clapet flue gas non-return valve for sizing the pressurised manifold

Four sturdy floating wheels fitted as standard to facilitate unloading and movements within the thermal power plant. All wheels are equipped with adjustment and locking systems.

TITAN has been designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors even without any weather protection. It can be connected to the system on the right or left side and it is delivered complete with blind flanges.

The electronic control supplied as standard with TITAN is able to: configure the switch-on and switch-off sequence of the individual heating units / manage a heating system with two direct zones or one direct zone and a DHW storage tank / adjust the power or temperature with the 0 - 10V signal / remote the signal of any safety locks / restore normal operation remotely

Combined with the THETA+ temperature control kit, it is possible to manage: up to eight generators in cascade / a system with three heating circuits (of which two mixed and one direct) / the production of domestic hot water with an external storage tank / a second energy source (solar thermal, biomass, etc.)


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