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The IDOLA S HYBRID H 3.2 hybrid heat pumps combine R32 eco-friendly heat pump technology and the condensation boiler for heating in a single compact product.

The eco-friendly R32 gas combines high efficiency with a reduced environmental impact. Thanks to its GWP of 675, about a third compared to the GWP of R410a, it helps to reduce emissions of CO2, which are the main cause of global warming.

The compact size, similar to that of a wall-hung boiler, makes it easier to replace without significant loss of space or the need for major restructuring work.

By running the boiler or heat pump as the climatic conditions vary, the internal electronics optimise the output of the system by constantly operating in the most economic and efficient mode possible, with excellent benefits for the end user.

The boiler will be free to produce DHW in the external DHW storage tank during heat pump heating or cooling operations, thereby maximising the comfort levels. In the unlikely event that the heat pump is blocked, the boiler will still be able to operate autonomously in backup mode, thus guaranteeing heating and the production of DHW.

The system consists of a Full DC Inverter external unit, available with a choice of 4 different powers, associated with a hybrid internal unit and condensation unit with an integrated hydronic module, including a DC inverter pump for the control of the cooling circuit. The system is extremely versatile and capable of operating in harsh climate conditions up to -20°C outdoors. It avoids the risk of freezing thanks to a split cooling circuit.

The Photovoltaic Input function prevents the boiler from producing DHW, promoting the use of the heat pump only and any electric water heater, thus maximising self-consumption and the benefits for the user.

Wall flue gas exhaust in the cases pertaining to Italian Leg. Decree no. 102 of 4 July 2014.



- Approved for external use in completely exposed site

- Powered by R32 eco-friendly gas with low environmental impact

- Inrush current and reduced noise thanks to Full inverter technology

- Compressor with twin rotary DC INVERTER motor on vibration damping supports and wrapped in double layer of soundproofing material to minimise vibrations and noise

- Axial fans with DC brushless motor including protective grilles

- External air temperature probe pre-installed on the unit.



- Sturdy and suitable for replacements even in particularly critical systems

- Combustion module with a 1:10 modulation range and extra-thick stainless steel heat exchanger with larger channels to maintain high efficiency even on old oxidised and soiled systems

- Standard supply with squared system supply and return valves (with easy-access filter for inspection)

- M.G.R: Methane, LPG, Propane-air Ready, with a simple configuration, the boiler can run on natural gas, LPG and a propane-air mixture without the use of any additional conversion kits

- MC2: Multi Combustion Control, combustion system with patented gas-adaptive technology for improved adaptability of use to variations in the gas supply conditions (e.g. pressure fluctuations or drops)

- F.P.S: Flue gas protection system. The standard flue gas check valve offers easy connection to pressurised collective flue systems

- Particularly suited to operating in flues requiring “heavy-duty” pipes thanks to approval for operation with flue gas exhaust pipes with a diameter of 50mm

- Installation site: also for outdoor use in partially protected areas up to -5°C as standard.



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    - The interface features Capsense technology with a 2.8” graphic display for user-friendly, practical interaction. The on-board machine interface communicates seamlessly with the new Connect CRP smart systems, which can control up to 8 thermostats (of which 7 are Connect CRP Zones), divided into 2 zones, one direct and one mixed

    - MODBUS PROTOCOL for smart control via an external BMS

    - HEATING AND COOLING with Lamborghini CaloreClima Full Inverter modulation which allows you to set the temperature curve to reduce consumption and improve user comfort.

    - SMART GRID INPUT FROM PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM AND POWER GRID. Smart Grid contacts to optimise consumption and save on energy bills. We invite you to read the manuals for more details.

    - REMOTE CONTROL VIA APP. Available for iOS and Android using the Connect CRP (optional)

    - SILENT PDC MODE. Reduces the maximum compressor frequency and fan speed, thus significantly reducing noise levels.

    - ON/OFF and SUMMER/WINTER from external contacts. The unit can be switched on and off via an external contact, by receiving summer/winter switching signals (e.g. from the zone thermostat). The operating mode will follow the controller settings

    - ECO. Dedicated setpoint for “Eco” mode. Can be set with a daily time slot

    - WEEKLY HOURLY PROGRAMMING. The Connect CRP (optional) allows differentiated hourly programming for each day of the week, defining the mode (COOL/WARM/DHW) and operating setpoints for each time slot.

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