Wall hung condensing boilers

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High power condensing modules for cascade installation

- High power condensing thermal module, designed for single installations or in sequence up to 600 kW

- Hydraulic, gas and flue gas accessories for cascade installation, with 2, 3 and 4 modules

- Pre-assembled heat exchanger with elements in aluminum-silicon alloy engineered for the maximum efficiency and minimum pressure drops on the water circuit

- Total pre-mixing unit, for a micro-flame combustion with very low polluting emissions (Class 6 according to EN 15502-1). The metal micro-fiber burner can run on Natural gas or LPG

- Generator protection systems:

* Double sensor (delivery and return) system to operate at constant ΔT

* Exchanger overtemperature protection sensor calibrated to 95°C

* Flue gas safety sensor

* Water pressure switch with minimum limit of 0,8 bar

- Hydraulic unit (supplied as accessory) with three-way valve for discharge into the atmosphere and a no-return valve. It’s possible choosing between two circulators, standard and high head

- Sealed room air/flue gas circuit and check valve on the flue gas ejection duct to design the pressurised manifold

- Master / Slave cascade management with self-configuration system and possibility of setting the on/off sequence of the single generator.

- The electronic control on board is design to manage a double system zone and one DHW storage. In combination with the regulator FZ4 B the boiler can manage different temperature zone (direct and mixed)

- Range Rated certified generator to adjust the generated power to the system’s needs by increasing the efficiency of the system and preserving the mechanics of the machine.

- The modules can be controlled and conducted remotely:

* Power or temperature adjustment with 0 - 10V signal

* Blocking alarm signal for safety and to restart operation

* Opentherm (OT) and Modbus communication protocols with settable parameters


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