Die-cast aluminium radiators


Die-cast aluminium radiators assembled with nipples and gaskets in sets of 4 to 10 elements

Painted white (RAL 9010)

A careful study of the shapes has made it possible to obtain particularly effective convective exchange fins, with one of the highest thermal outputs on the market.

The packaging consists of four corner pieces in thick cardboard, protected by a heat-shrinkable nylon cover. It was designed to be able to install the radiator without removing the cardboard corners in order to protect it until the work is completed.

The HP models (600 and 700) are built with a reinforced structure capable of running at high operating pressures, up to a maximum of 16 bar.

Proteo and Proteo HP radiators are covered by a 10-year warranty starting from the date of manufacture stamped on the product. The warranty covers: material or manufacturing defects. The aforementioned warranty covers the replacement of faulty components but not labour costs.

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