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  • Idola M 3.2

This series of air-water heat pumps meets the needs of winter and summer air-conditioning of small and medium power residential and commercial installations. All the units are suitable for outdoor installation and being able to produce water up to 65°C they can be used in radiant systems, fan coils, radiators and for the indirect production of domestic hot water (DHW) via an external boiler.

The units are characterized by the use of a DC inverter compressor that modulates the supplied power and come complete with a hydronic kit composed of all the essential components for quick and safe installation.

The units are characterised by high energy efficiency and reduced sound levels allowing them to be used as a single generator for the plant or integrated with other energy sources such as additional electric heating elements or boiler. All units are supplied as standard with a DHW water storage tank temperature probe (to be installed by the installer) and with an outdoor air temperature probe (already installed on the unit), to achieve climatic adjustment in heating and cooling.

For specific applications, the units can be installed in multiple “cascade” configuration with a “MASTER” unit (directly managed by the controller) up to 5 “SLAVE” units, also different in their output power. The preparation of the domestic hot water is left to the master unit, while in the event of a failure of one of the slave units the remaining ones may continue to work in a normal way.

All units are carefully built and individually tested in factory. Installation only requires electrical and hydraulic connections.


  • Technical Data

    The user interface consists of a remote wired controller (5 wires, max 50 mt length from the unit) that manages:

    - HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM Where the unit is the only heater. If the unit is running in hot or cold mode, it works by modulating the compressor frequency to maintain the temperature of the produced water at the established setpoint value. By mean of a parametrization value, it is possible to use the remote controller (e.g. for single zone heating circuits) as a room thermostat.

    - DOMESTIC HOT WATER PRODUCTION (DHW) The unit starts in hot mode to maintain the temperature of a DHW storage tank at the established setpoint value. A 3-way diverter valve (not supplied) and a temperature probe (probe T5, supplied with cable length 10mt) are required to be inserted in a pit of the DHW tank.

    - ADDITIONAL ENERGY SOURCES (boiler or electric heating element) Depending from the set values of the parametrization, these sources can be started in integration or replacement of the heat pump during operation in heating or for DHW production and if the heat pump does not work.

    - CASCADING FUNCTION of multiple units. The master unit can control in cascade mode up to 6 different units (1 master, 5 slaves, also with different output power) with a single controller connected to the master unit. It is possible to assign the function of production of DHW to the master unit, while in the event of a failure of one of the 5 slave units, the remaining ones may continue to work normally.

    - MANAGEMENT UP TO 2 HEATING CIRCUITS (1 DIRECT AND 1 MIXED). The unit is able to manage the circulation pumps (not supplied) of both 2 heating circuits and, only for the mixed circuit, the mixing valve (not supplied) and the water supply line temperature probe (not supplied).

    - PHOTOVOLTAIC INPUT AND SMART GRID. The unit is equipped with 2 digital inputs to be connected with the signal coming from the photovoltaic system and from the electrical grid.

    The logic of the management is the following:

    - if the digital PV input is closed, the unit starts the DHW mode with DHW setpoint = 70°C and (if available) will start the electrical heating element of the DHW storage tank. The unit is running in cooling/heating mode with the normal logic.

    - if the digital PV input is open and the smart grid input is closed, the unit runs normally

    - if the digital PV input is open and the smart grid input is open, the unit deactivates the DHW mode and may run in cooling/heating mode for a limited period (set by a parameter), then will stop running

    - REMOTE CONTROL OF THE UNIT VIA APP. (available for IOS and Android systems).

    - DHW STORAGE TANK ELECTRIC HEATING ELEMENT In the DHW mode it is possible to manage an integration electric heating element in the DHW storage tank as integration of the heat pump, as antilegionella function, or as total backup in case of failure of the heat pump.

    - FAST DHW This function can be started manually to prioritize DHW by bringing the DHW storage tank to the setpoint in the quickest possible time, by the use of all available energy sources (heat pump, electrical backup resistors, boiler).

    - ANTILEGIONELLA FUNCTION Weekly anti-legionella cycles can be set. The heat pump must be integrated with DHW boiler or boiler electrical heating element.

    - SILENCED MODE When on, according to a programmed schedule, it reduces the maximum frequency of the compressor and the fan speed, to reduce the noise generated and the power absorbed by the unit.

    - ON/OFF with an external contact. The unit can be switched on and off by an external contact

    (e.g. by a room thermostat / remote switch). In this circumstance, the unit will run in the mode set by the control keyboard.

    - HOT/COLD with 2 external contacts. The unit can be started and stopped in cold or hot mode by 2 external contacts (e.g. by a room thermostat / remote switch which manages the hot/cold request).

    - ECO/COMFORT Possibility of defining time slots in hot and cold and relative setpoints for ECO and COMFORT modes

    - WEEKLY SCHEDULE PROGRAMMING allows to set a different schedule for each day of the week defining the operating mode for each time slot (COLD/HOT/DHW) and the working setpoint.

    - ANTIFROST PROTECTION. Guaranteed down to -20°C outdoor air temperature thanks to the heat pump itself working in hot mode, to the electric antifrost heating element (as per standard) and the electric booster (if installed).



    This is contained inside the unit to facilitate maintenance operations, it is equipped with COMPRESSOR with twin rotary DC INVERTER motor to guarantee greater dynamic balancing and reduce vibrations.

    It is positioned on rubber antivibration supports and wrapped in a double layer of sound-absorbing material to reduce noise. The compressor is also equipped with oil casing heating element. The circuit is completed with BRAZE-WELDED STAINLESS STEEL PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER complete with antifrost heating element, AXIAL FANS WITH BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR complete with accident prevention safety grilles, finned coil made of copper tubes and aluminium fins. All units are equipped with variable fan speed control which allows operation at low outdoor temperatures in cooling and high outdoor temperatures in heating.  



    Contained inside the unit to facilitate maintenance operations, it is fitted as per standard with LOW CONSUMPTION CIRCULATOR with brushless DC motor, water flow switch, automatic air vent, water pressure gauge, expansion vessel, safety valve, Y water filter (installation by the installation technician).

    The plate heat exchanger and all the hydraulic circuit pipes are thermally insulated to prevent condensation and reduce heat loss.



    - PROBE for the integration of a supplementary heat source


    - Y FILTER

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