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New series of wall-hung recessed fan coils.

Terminal units for air handling which, in combination with a chiller, a heat pump or a boiler, can be used either in the winter or in the summer.

Particularly flexible, they are suitable for satisfying air climatisation and air conditioning requirements for both hotel applications and a wide range of commercial and residential uses.

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    Available in 4 models with nominal cooling capacity from 1 to 3.71 kW and nominal heat output from 1.2 to 4.06 kW, they are suitable for wall installation. The compact dimensions provide a pleasant visual impact. The covering cabinet built with ABS guarantees high mechanical characteristics and resistance to aging, and also acts as the supporting structure of the unit. The fan unit consists of a tangential fan with low consumption EC motor.

    The units are equipped with a display showing the selected operating mode and the set room temperature.

    To allow easy installation, all units in the series are equipped with flexible hydraulic hoses; they are also equipped with valves inserted inside the unit and easily accessible from the front panel.

    The use of the three-way valve prevents excessive cooling of the unit when the fan stops, and the unpleasant formation of condensation on the casing of the machine.

    The units are designed to be connected in Master-Slave system to control multiple units through a single controller.


    There are two options available for unit control. It is necessary to select at least one of the two. With Master-Slave control, at least one of the two controls must be selected for each installed group of units.


    Infrared remote control Rem-I (supplied as standard)

    This sets all of the unit’s essential functions. Equipped with an LCD display for easy and immediate display of all the active functions and the various parameters necessary for correct use.

    The control comes with a support that fixes it in the most easily accessible position. It offers control up to a distance of 7 m

    Wired control for wall application Rem2-W (supplied as standard)

    This offers control over all machine parameters and measures the local temperature. With a Master-Slave system, this allows the individual control of each unit.

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