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New series of fan coil units with centrifugal fan with high efficiency DC brushless motor. Characterised by a maximum depth of 200 mm in the cased models and a particularly attractive aesthetic line, they are intended for residential heating and air conditioning applications.

Available in 5 sizes with cooling capacities from 1.50 to 5.60 kW and air flow rates from 255 to 1190 m3/h.

In the standard version they are proposed with a single 3-row coil to which can be combined as an accessory, in the case of 4-pipe systems, an additional 1-row coil.

Available in the two versions, VM with casing and VN without shell for recessed applications. The units can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions.



The range of centrifugal fan coil units includes two versions; each of them is available in different capacities.

VM - Fan coil unit with suction casing from below Composed of a sheet metal casing, a supply grille with doors to access the control, if required, in thermoplastic material and a regenerable e air filter, placed on a metal frame housed on guides cut out in the lower part of the frame.

VN - Fan coil unit without casing for recessed applications Without cover casing with regenerable air filter, placed on a metal frame housed on guides cut out in the lower part of the frame.

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    BEARING STRUCTURE It is made of galvanized sheet metal of adequate thickness. There are slots at the rear to fix the unit. For models without a cover casing, there is a front mounted fan unit closing panel.

    HEAT EXCHANGE COIL 3-row copper tube coil with aluminium fins blocked by mechanical expansion of the tubes. The manifolds in the upper part of the coil are equipped with air vents, while the lower part has a water drain tap*.

    * The default hydraulic connection for the coil is on the left. However it's possible to turn the coil and modify it to the right (see Installation Manual).

    CONDENSATE DRIP TRAY Made of thermoplastic material to avoid corrosion it allows the machine to be installed in either vertical or horizontal positions. In particular, in the horizontal installation, its shape makes it possible to collect the drops of condensate that form on the collectors during cold operation. The drain hole is made directly from the condensate drip tray and allows it to be removed during cold operation. It is present on both sides of the machine to facilitate the rotation of the coil.

    FAN MOTOR The electric motor is a DC brushless type with continuous speed regulation at high efficiency and is directly coupled to the fans and cushioned by elastic supports.

    CENTRIFUGAL FAN The fan unit consists of double inlet centrifugal fans with blades developed in length to obtain high flow rate at low speed.

    AIR FILTER Easily removable and regenerable by simply washing with water.

    COVER CASING (VM only) Made of steel sheet part painted with epoxy powder to ensure high resistance to corrosion and part in anti-UV thermoplastic material to ensure resistance to ultraviolet rays. The air diffusion grilles and the door to access the control panel, both made of anti-UV thermoplastic material are inserted in the upper part.

    HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS The connections, located on the left side, are of ¾" gas female type. It is possible to rotate the coil, which is supplied as standard with left side connections, by moving the hydraulic connections to the right side.

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